12 affirmations for creativity, confidence & success

Hello creative soul! Thank you for being here on Sweet Madness. This time, I wanted to share with you a great tool that every successful person uses: it is called Affirmations. I use it myself and it really is powerful!

And I have been inspired to create these 12 affirmations tailored for music artists just like you. These affirmations will boost your creativity and confidence and will motivate you to get the success you desire.

Listen to the podcast now to get more information about affirmations and to know why I highly recommend you to use them and of course, to get the affirmations I created for you.

I invite you to sit down in a quiet place, to put your headphones on and press play on the video you’ll find below. It won’t take too much of your time, it only takes up 6 minutes max.

Do you use affirmations? Which one is your favourite? Which one resonates the more with you? Tell me everything using the comment section right here 👇👇

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