My name is Yasmine. I’m a multifaceted creative, born and bred in Brussels, BE

I hold a degree in Advertising since 2009 & have several years’ experience in Communication Consultancy, Graphic Design, Photography and more recently, Videography. I often combine my different skills to deliver the best — that’s why I define myself as a multifaceted creative 😉

Sweet Madness was created in 2016 but launched in January 2017. I like to define it as a unique platform of services for music artists. Through it, I want to connect with more people working in the industry, create an online community of music artists, and help more musicians meet success and just live of their passion. I also use it to support & promote artists that I like & share inspiring stories.

Of course, besides the valuable & useful content you can find here, there are my services. I invite you to click >here< for more info.

You can join me now on social media and/or send me an email using the form available on the Contact page. Can’t wait to hear from you!

And… Welcome on Sweet Madness. Hope you’ll enjoy the ride!