Are the records dead?

A few years ago we could have seriously thought that compact discs and vinyl records would disappear, or be hard to find. I noticed that vinyl records are coming back in shops and not just record shops.

It looks like the old is a trend and not only in Fashion with the comeback of the 90’s style.

There’s no doubt these mediums are still used nowadays, by pros, fans and music lovers.

I guess it is also a matter of generations. For the people born at the dawn of Digital Age, they are very appreciated. But what about the next generations ? I’m curious to know their point of view. If some of you are reading this, leave a comment ! I’d love to have your opinion 🙂

In my concern, I appreciate Digital and hard copies. They have either positive and negative features.

〉 〉 About Digital, I would say that the good points are the following :

  • You have straight access to the files that you can copy on any device : mobile phone, mp3 player, USB drive, computer, laptop, etc. ;
  • The files don’t get damaged even if they’re often read ;
  • You don’t need to buy a whole album just for a couple of songs, you can select the songs you’re interested in.

The bad points are that :

  • we can’t enjoy holding the hard copy in hands;
  • we can’t discover the content of the booklet (the layout, photos, lyrics, the credits, the thank-you message, etc).

In short, it lacks of warmth.

〉 〉 About records, the good points are that :

  • you have a unique experience when you buy a new record or CD;
  • you have a unique feeling when you unwrap it and listen to it for the first time.

It is not just music, it is an object, a masterpiece. It always tells a story. About stories, I invite you to read the post about the first album I bought here.

The bad points about hard copies are :

  • The fragility of the support (dust, scratches) ;
  • You can only use them on specific readers as CD players, disk readers, turntables,… ;
  • It’s more expensive than Digital most of the time.

When I truly love an artist, a group or an album, I like to have a hard copy as well. What about you ? Leave a comment below!

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