Be flexible in your approach to your dreams

Hi creative soul!

Today, I’d like to remind you something important : « Be flexible in your approach to your dreams »

If you need to know something about me is that I’m not the type of persons who is just talking, I walk the talk! And I definitely do right now…

Just like you surely do, I need to do things I don’t like. I need to be flexible to reach my objectives. And one example of this is that I started a day job (full-time! Erf…) a couple of months ago. It’s no fun. It’s very challenging, mostly mentally.

It means I have less time to work on Sweet Madness, less time to create free content to share with you and less time to do lots of other things.

And I have to constantly remind myself why I’m doing what I’m doing. Reminding myself that all of this is temporary and that even if it can be hard, it is worth it. Because it is opening the doors to a life I desire, a life I deserve. A life I work hard for. A fulfilling life full of great adventures, unexpected and unbelievable blessings. Doesn’t it sound exciting?

My number one objective right now is to move to London end of this year or early 2019 max. I currently live in Brussels, my home town and it’s been a while that I feel the urge to leave this city.

The reasons are multiple, the most important being my professional objectives. Indeed, the music industry is not very active here in Belgium and I enjoy working with international English-speaking artists. London is a great place for that.

Of course, moving from a place to another has a cost — especially when you move to a city like London. The thing is, at some point you just have to do something, you have to take actions. You can’t just be sitting here waiting for things to happen, for things to change.

Even if some of these actions are unpleasant. Just go out of your comfort zone and have faith, believe that everything is going to fall into place for your highest good. I choose to believe that. I choose to have faith and to trust God/the Universe that I’m not going through challenges for no reasons. I choose to be patient. Because I know that every single desire, thought and feeling that sets my soul on fire has been put in my heart for a reason.

The Universe is NOT a tease. Stop believing that your desires were put in your heart just because. Stop thinking that your vision is just something that’s supposed to stay in your head. The Universe implanted these things so that you MANIFEST them. Wake up & take action already. — K. Zenkina

There’s no coincidence in life. I’ve experienced it. I’ve seen it too.

And I also know that life doesn’t throw things at us we can’t overcome. It always has a purpose. A lesson to learn. A lesson to give. An occasion to grow. To become stronger. To learn more about ourselves. To love ourselves more. To gain clarity. etc. There’s always a reason. Always.



What are the sacrifices you have made or that you are willing to make to achieve your goals? How do you handle these? Share your thoughts and experience now by leaving a comment below.

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