Best wishes for 2018 + Announcement

Happy New Year 2018 to you!

I hope this year is the breakthrough one that will finally turn your dreams into reality. And know that I have your back! Besides the articles, videos and podcasts I publish here on Sweet Madness, on YouTube and on social media, I decided to make weekly videos.Every Sunday, starting from 14th January, I’ll post short videos in which I’ll share tips and thoughts around music and the music industry, to inspire and help you achieve your goals, one step at the time and finally, live from your music. Are you as excited as I am??

These videos will be published on Instagram and YouTube; and might be shared on Twitter and within the Facebook group. You are free to choose and join me on the platform(s) you like the most. You’ll find the links at the top left; in the sidebar or at the bottom right of the page.

See you very soon!

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