Music Tips #10: Big question to help you create content for social media

Hello creative soul! Do you struggle with creating content for your social media? I feel you! And that’s why in today’s video, I ask you an important question to help you see things clearly and redefine the role of your social media profiles. Continue reading « Music Tips #10: Big question to help you create content for social media »

Music Tips #8: Challenging yourself helps you grow your fanbase

Hello creative soul! In today’s video, I tell you why challenging yourself as an artist can be very beneficial for your career in the music industry. This industry is very competitive and evolves at a fast pace. And you surely want to have a long-term career in Music. For that, you need to challenge yourself; […]

Music Tips #6: Why improvement helps you be successful

Hi beautiful soul! I noticed that many artists tend to rest on their laurels and that’s a big mistake! Development is natural and a part of us as human beings and it also concerns your skills & natural gifts. For that, it is important to silence your ego and take action — even small ones, […]

Music Tips #5: Increase your merch sales

Hello creative soul! Do you know that visuals are as important as your music ? It includes your merch design. In fact, designing great quality merch will help you increase your sales and make more money. 😀

Music Tips #1: Get your music out there

Hello beautiful! As announced recently, every week, I’m posting a short video — of less than a minute, in which I give a piece of advice to help you with your career in Music. You can find the videos here on Sweet Madness, on YouTube and on my social networks.