Craig David followed his intuition & got it right

Like most people (in Europe), I discovered Craig David with the song Re-Rewind ft. Artful Dodgers. It was in 1999-2000. Since then, I kept an eye on him and his work.

Fill Me In, 7 Days, Walking Away, Rendezvous, What’s Your Flava?, Hidden Agenda, Rise & Fall ft. Sting, Spanish, All The Way, Don’t Love You No More (I’m Sorry), Hot Stuff (Let’s Dance), etc. So many great songs which left a mark in the memories.

Despite this, his last three albums didn’t have a lot of success in comparison with the first two, Born To Do It & Slicker Than Your Average. But with his latest album, Following My Intuition, Craig David comes back to his roots and to what makes him such a unique artist. And I have to say that I’m glad to see him back!

Even if we heard very little of him before the release of Following My Intuition, he was working a lot:

  • He featured on a number of tracks (Fly Away of Erick Morillo, Addicted of Mohombi & DJ Asaad, When The Bassline Drops with Sigala, and many more);
  • He wrote songs for other artists such as for Backstreet Boys and their 20th anniversary album;
  • He appeared on UK radio stations and some of his performances even went viral as with the mashup of Fill Me In over the track of Skrillex & Diplo ft. Justin Bieber Where Are Ü Now;
  • etc.

He is an active player in the music industry blowing everyone away with his skills.

I saw him on stage in 2013 in a small venue in Brussels. No big show. And honestly, he doesn’t need to. Craig is a great performer. He has boundless energy. His vocals are always on point. And we can see how much he loves what he does.

Craig David presents TS5

You certainly heard about TS5 but do you know exactly what it is? TS5 is a DJ show born in 2012. It began when Craig David started to host and mix his own party at his penthouse in Miami.

At first, he began uploading his sets on SoundCloud. And then, from November 2012, he teamed up with a UK radio station to broadcast his live DJ sets (moving from Kiss FM UK to Capital Xtra at the end of 2013).

He brings his DJ show with him on stage as well. And I can say that he burns up dance floors with his sets!

I can’t wait to see him on stage again!

Following My Intuition (2016)

The promo takes place mostly in the UK. Craig David does many interviews, live performances & appearances on both TV and Radio. A UK Tour is planned in March & April this year and is almost sold out. It would be great to see him doing promo in the rest of Europe and beyond. But it sounds like it isn’t planned at the moment.

Visual identity
The cover is simple but effective with the yellow or pink background, Craig’s silhouette & the name and title aligned in the centre written in white with a sans serif font.

Not difficult to find it in record shops! It’s eye-catching. Well done! Even though I would have used a close-up shot of Craig David’s face.

Musical style
Craig delivers an album with different music genres: garage, EDM, drum’n’bass and R’n’B. The whole is well-balanced and offers both energetic tracks and lovely ballads.

Some of my favourite songs
Warm It Up (Bonus Track), Ain’t Giving Up, Nothing Like This, Change My Love, One More Time.

What are your favourite songs of Craig David? Have you ever seen him performing on stage? Leave a comment below!

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