Originally, a mixtape is a compilation of music recorded onto an audio cassette and now, through CD or digital playlist (mp3). It is composed of different tracks from one or several artists or groups. It usually proposes music linked by theme or mood, or can be a selection of favourite songs,…

However, thanks to Hip Hop, the mixtape has a second definition. In the early days of this music genre, Hip hop artists used to create mixtapes from their live shows as their music couldn’t be found otherwise.

Later, DJs and some R&B artists working with Hip Hop artists started to use mixtapes to promote their music and offer to their fans exclusive tracks and freestyles.

We can say that a mixtape is also a free album that can help an artist to promote and share his music as well as explore his creativity.

Music Group

A music group is more known as a pop or rock band. It is usually composed of both singer(s) and musicians. They perform rock, pop or related music genres. In most of the cases, a music group is formed on his own. e.g. Linkin Park, Coldplay, Bon Jovi, Pet Shop Boys, Black Eyed Peas, Rolling […]

Musical Act

An « act » or « musical act » is a term used to qualify whoever is performing music, either a solo artist, a band or an orchestra.