Highlight on Sinéad Harnett

Last year, I discovered Sinéad Harnett with the song If You Let Me featuring Grades. I literally fell in love with this song. Since then, I follow her career and hope she’ll eventually get the attention she truly deserves.

Who’s Sinéad Harnett?

She’s a British singer and songwriter from north London, UK. Sinéad is a mixed race young woman born to a Thai mother and an Irish father. Beautiful, isn’t?

She holds a degree in acting from Arts University College Bournemouth. Despite that, she started her career in music in 2011 by featuring on the Wiley’s song Walk Away. Since then, she featured on different songs for various artists (Disclosure, Ryan Hemsworth, Kidnap Kid, Snakehips, Nick Brewer, etc). She also co-wrote songs and sang for Rudimental’s debut album, Home.

Her work

She released three EPs: N.O.W. [2014], She Ain’t Me [2015] & Sinéad Harnett [2016] and wrote most of the songs.

But her debut single, Got Me, was released in 2013. In all, she released six songs you can listen by clicking on the links below (you’ll be redirected on YouTube):

In terms of music genres, she delivers an interesting mix of R&B, Soul, Dance and Electronic.

What do I think about her and her work?

At the beginning of her career, her music sounded more experimental. We can feel she were trying to find her style both musically and visually.

With her latest work, it looks like she found her musical & creative direction that now needs further exploration. It can be really unique and make her stand out.

She has a soulful and delicate voice that is nicely put forward with R&B and Soul. The Dance and Electronic touches bring a little extra and modernity.

I appreciate the cinematographic style of her music videos — especially of the last two. It tells a story going in the direction of the lyrics that we see less and less nowadays.

About her as an artist, we can see that she’s more mature & has more confidence in her career’s direction. Anyway, I may be wrong but I feel like she’s a bit reserved. It would be interesting to work on that and develop her personal brand as well as her creative identity.

I can’t wait for her to release an album and see her hit the stage in different countries. And I highly recommend you to keep an eye on her! 🙂

Do you like Sinéad’s music? Tell me what you think about it by commenting below!

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  1. Assiabyday
    11 février 2017 at 5:58

    Merci à toi de nous faire découvrir des personnalités comme Sinéad Harnett, elle est juste incroyable! J’aime beaucoup ses chansons et surtout sa voix. Je trouve aussi qu’elle fait très réservée, et douce. Je partagerais ton article sur ma story insta, en espérant ne pas oublier de le faire haha *tête en l’air*, car il est très agréable à lire. Pressée de lire tes prochaines découvertes! De gros bisous et surtout continues ma belle.

    • 12 février 2017 at 1:39

      Oh merci à toi, ma chérie! Ça me fait plaisir de savoir que tu apprécies mes articles. Et je suis ravie de t’avoir fait découvrir Sinéad Harnett 🙂 Gros bisous et à très vite!

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