James Arthur — Back From The Edge tour

On June 1st, I went to James Arthur’s concert at AB in Brussels. I’m a bit ashamed to say this but it was the first gig I attended this year… I’m a busy bee and I’d love to go to concerts more often. Anyway! That’s not the point of this post!

Here’s my review from the Back From The Edge Tour. But first…

The Support Act: Matt Gresham

The show started with the performance of Matt Gresham: an Australian singer, songwriter & musician. He played a 30 minutes acoustic set of some original songs including his latest single, Survive On Love and a cover of Bob Marley, No Woman No Cry.

It was just him and his guitar and it was really nice. He has a good energy and we can feel his passion and love for music. If you don’t know him, I invite you to have a look at his YouTube channel.

You can also find him on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

Main Act: James Arthur

It was the second time I saw James Arthur performing live. The first time was in 2015 in London. That time, he was sick, recovering from laryngitis but he did a great job. So, you can imagine he did great this time too.

He opened the show with the title track of his latest album: Back From The Edge. He sang around 15 songs including four songs from his debut album and a mashup of Rockabye of Clean Bandit ft. Anne-Marie & Sean Paul with some lyrics of his old song, I’m a liar. I filmed some video clips that you can watch HERE.

Here are the songs he sang (that I remember…):

• Back From The Edge
• Prisoner
• You’re Nobody Til Somebody Loves You
• I Am
• Sober
• Get Down
• Train Wreck
• Safe Inside
• Can I Be Him
• Impossible
• Sermon
• My Recovery
• Skeletons
• Rockabye/I’m a Liar
• Say You Won’t Let Go

James Arthur’s musicians are very talented and there is a good chemistry between all of them. It is pleasant and makes a good dynamic.

You’re never disappointed with his performances. His vocals are on point, he has a good vocal technique. He definitely can sing and he sounds great both on stage and in the studio.

James has a good energy. He doesn’t hesitate to interact with the audience and to make jokes. As a (live) music lover, that’s something I do appreciate. And he seems to be a cool guy.

Of course, his love for music is palpable. It looks like he feels every words he sings and every notes that are played. It is inspiring and makes a lasting positive impression.

I highly recommend you to see James perform live if you haven’t already. You won’t regret it.

Oh! And you can read another article about James here: James Arthur, a shooting star? In this one, I give my opinion about his music. Check this out now!

For those who saw him live, leave a comment below to share your opinion. I’d love to hear from you, guys! 🙂

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