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Hey, hi creative soul!

Thank you for being here, and reading this post. If you follow me for a while, you already know that I come from Brussels and that one of my biggest projects was to move to London, UK.

I finally did it. On Wednesday 27th March 2019, I took the Eurostar for London. Leaving my family, my friends, and a part of me behind.

A couple of weeks before I left, I quit my job & booked a one way ticket to London even though I didn’t have a lot of money on my savings account. And then, I started to pack all of my belongings. (It is quite awkward to see all of our life in boxes to be honest.)

One of the reasons I chose to move to London is Sweet Madness. I am here to expand my business and connect with like-minded creative souls like you. And what I want to say to you is that when you want a dream to become a reality, you have to make decisions: tough & uncomfortable decisions.

The first uncomfortable decisions I made, you got it, was to leave my loved ones, a certain level of comfort, and everything that comes with it. The second one was to get a day job in London. Yes. A day job. Not sexy but necessary.

And I am sure you can relate because you probably have or had to get a day job at some point too. Building your career in music is like building a business. It takes time and isn’t profitable right away. And you still need money to pay your bills, your rent, the public transports and get some food, right?!

And not just that! You also need money to make music, hire people, buy the equipment you need, go to networking events, etc.

From my own experience, if you need to stabilize your finances, what I can suggest is to get a day job that can serve you and your project. Be creative when thinking about the possibilities. Because having a job that has no other purposes than money is not enough. You’re going to burn yourself out quickly.

And as an artist, you won’t be in a good place to create anymore. Same if you have to worry about money. It kills your creativity. Any difficult situation does. And I know this is not what you want. I don’t want that either.

Ask yourself some questions before sending your application or accepting a job: does this job serve my project? Am I going to learn new skills I can use for my career? Am I going to improve my skills? Why am I interested in this job? What am I expecting from this job? …

This should help you make a better decision. Of course, don’t only think about what you can get from it. Also think about what YOU can bring to the team, the company you might join.

And keep in mind that it is temporary, you won’t stay in this situation forever. But being and feeling safe while building your career is important. You got this!

Hope this helps and inspires you. If you have any advices to share or any questions on this subject, leave a comment below!

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  1. JamesVet
    26 avril 2020 at 11:43

    Thanks! It is definitely an astonishing webpage!

    • 5 mai 2020 at 7:15

      Aw thank you very much James, I am glad to know that 🙂

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