Darren Hayes: when music is nothing but art

Those who know me know that I’m a huge fan of Darren Hayes. Darren is known as the singer and songwriter of the Aussie duo Savage Garden who met a massive success worldwide in the 90s and early 2000s. I Want You, To The Moon and Back, Truly Madly Deeply, Affirmation, I Knew I Loved […]

Teamwork is crucial to meet success in Music

I often say that we are stronger as a team and in this article, I’ll explain further why it is necessary for you as an artist, to build your own music team. Why do you need a music team? The Music Industry has evolved a lot with Digital Age. Nowadays, social networks, YouTube and other […]

How your doubts can lead you to success

I used to put a lot of pressure on myself especially when it comes to my professional life. I remember that if I wasn’t convinced about something I created, I wouldn’t share it. Even when I was still a student! Because I was afraid of failure. Afraid that people might think I wasn’t talented enough. […]

Personal Branding: the last way to make a difference

I work in the communication for few years now. And I noticed that (too) many people tend to overlook this element which leads to success. That’s why I’ve made a video you can watch below. In this video, I explain what branding & personal branding is & why it is essential to work on it […]

Create a music website: why is it so important?

You are working in the music industry or willing to? You’d like to put yourself out there? Reach a wider audience? Share your music and even more? Then, one of the first things you have to do is to create a music website! A website is a sort of online combination of a business card […]

Highlight on Sinéad Harnett

Last year, I discovered Sinéad Harnett with the song If You Let Me featuring Grades. I literally fell in love with this song. Since then, I follow her career and hope she’ll eventually get the attention she truly deserves. Who’s Sinéad Harnett? She’s a British singer and songwriter from north London, UK. Sinéad is a […]

James Arthur, a shooting star?

People who know me and follow me for a while know that I like James Arthur. I think he’s a brilliant artist. I discovered James with his self-titled debut album. I couldn’t follow his journey live on XFactor. But thanks to Internet & YouTube, I could stay up-to-date. His music, his voice, his natural way […]

The many faces of Christina Aguilera

I’d like to talk about Christina Aguilera who is an artist I truly appreciate. Even if she is discreet for a while, she’s still active & new music should be released soon (I hope so…). Despite the success of her first album, I cannot say I was fan at the time. Maybe because of the […]