The first album I bought

I’d like to share with you the story about the first CD I bought. It was twenty years ago or so… Time flies! I was around 8 years old.

As far as I remember, music channels were up-and-coming at the time. Mtv was at the pinnacle of the industry. YouTube didn’t exist! I may sound like an old lady but it was the good old days 😉

We had music videos, music television series & music chart television programs all day. Just as now, we couldn’t escape from reruns. But it didn’t have a great effect on me or I repressed that memory lol

To find out what was new and watch music videos, you had to listen to the radio and watch TV.

One day, I came across a music video with two young men – twenty something – one with short hair playing guitar and another with long black hair with a soft voice on a catchy pop song. Something happened, something I can’t describe. I just watched the music video for « I Want You » of Savage Garden.

It was in 1997.

I became an instant fan of this Australian duo. I wanted (!) to have the album, I needed to hear more of their music.

Some time later, after saving my pocket money, I went to a record shop to buy the CD that changed my life somehow. If I’m not mistaken, it was a Virgin Mega Store.

I was walking through shelves with excitement, searching for the magical alphabet letter and then, bam ! I made my way to the cash desk to pay for this first musical purchase that is still very dear to my heart.

I was finally holding this little plastic box protecting a black and white artwork. This one shows portraits of two men standing next to each other – one slightly taller than the other. We can only see half of their faces. I opened the box and discovered an orange CD with « Savage Garden » written on it.

I put the record cautiously in the CD player, pressed play and let the magic happen. I took the booklet and looked at the pages one by one.

When I think about this story, I can’t help myself but smile. It’s a beautiful memory, full of nostalgia.

This story is the beginning of the one that binds me to Savage Garden, to Darren Hayes, to other talented artists, to billions of fans all over the world and generally speaking, to music.

Listening to music was – and still is – a moment of pleasure, deep in thought and filled with mixed emotions. Thanks to Savage Garden, music plays an important part in my life. And I can’t imagine my life otherwise.

Even now, when I buy a new CD, I’m overexcited like a kid in a candy store 🙂 What about you ? I’d love to hear your own story so leave a comment!

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