Teamwork is crucial to meet success in Music

I often say that we are stronger as a team and in this article, I’ll explain further why it is necessary for you as an artist, to build your own music team.

Why do you need a music team?

The Music Industry has evolved a lot with Digital Age. Nowadays, social networks, YouTube and other platforms play important roles to build a sustainable career. But these tools often result in a DIY approach which is not always easy.
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How your doubts can lead you to success

I used to put a lot of pressure on myself especially when it comes to my professional life. I remember that if I wasn’t convinced about something I created, I wouldn’t share it. Even when I was still a student! Because I was afraid of failure. Afraid that people might think I wasn’t talented enough. […]

Personal growth & development: my story

A year ago, on 25th February 2016, I was in London living the last hours of a 7 months adventure. (I went there for a temporary job). It took me almost a year of ups and downs to plan and live this experience. I left my home town on my own and used all my […]