In short…

I offer my services in …

I help you…

• understand what personal branding is;
• gain clarity & define your identity/brand as an artist;
• build or develop your online presence with ease & fun;
• find your own voice to communicate with your audience on- & off-line;
• and more.

How does it work?
Through 1:1 sessions where we work together on what you want and need to learn & improve; and to get the confidence you need to move towards your dreams faster & efficiently.

I can take photos of you during live performances, recording sessions, live events,… and also, plan photoshoots — indoor or outdoor, for different purposes as social media content, promotion, music releases, and others. It really depends on your needs.

I also make music videos, from storyboards to editing, and capture moments as behind-the-scenes of events that you can use as online content for instance.

How does it work?
Just send me an email with your request and your contact details & I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You have to contact me:
at least 4 days prior to any event you want me to cover (photo and/or video);
at least one month is required for a music video, as we need to meet to plan the shooting, find and book the location(s), book a glam team,… ;
at least 1 week is required for a photoshoot so we can plan it the best way possible too.

I create visuals and design merchandisings that go hand in hand with your music & help you promote it with a greater impact. Ex.: cover of albums/EPs/Singles, album booklets, tour books, posters, and more.

How does it work?
You can send me an email with your request and your contact details. This way, I can get back to you and see how we can work together.

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I met Yasmine in Central London a couple of months ago for a 1:1 session about social media, especially Instagram — explaining every platform was different. However, she gave me all her tips and tricks for Instagram (and a few for Twitter and Facebook) and answered to all my related questions too. I applied some of the tips and tricks to my Instagram and found it grew my followers. Yasmine was very sweet, generous and she understood my needs and wants – this session of an hour definitely gave me a great solid insight into how to grow my social media 🙂 Would defo recommend if lost and in need of help!

I just want to say thanks for helping people like myself with tips about the music industry!

I’m very thankful for Yasmine’s informative posts, highly insightful content for any musician to read. Being an independent musician, the advices she’s given have really helped clarify some things for me. I enjoy and look forward to the next posts! And Yasmine is a genuine music lover who’s in it for the right reasons.

I found one of her tweets, and was very interested in her content. She shares some great tips, both on motivation and music promotion. Very cool to see.