Welcome on Sweet Madness and thank you for being here! 💛

Let me quickly introduce myself: my name is Yasmine, I come from Brussels, Belgium & I live in London, UK.

I have a degree in Applied Arts, and already 10+ years of experience as a Creative and Communication/Branding expert.

In late 2016, following my strong desire to help musicians live of their passion, I created Sweet Madness. The website has been launched in early January 2017.

I now provide services as a creative mind to music artists in photography, videography and branding. I help them stand out, build/develop their brand, and express their creativity beyond the music they create.

Contact me via e-mail for more info, and join me on Instagram and Twitter for some tips and inspiring content (you will find me on both platform as @iamyasminem).

I am looking forward to hearing from you!