Music Tips #13: Why using hacks to grow your social media can affect you

Hello creative soul! You certainly want to have a great number of followers on social media. However, buying likes or followers and using bots to grow your accounts won’t help you. It is the opposite actually… Watch this short video for more info! Continue reading « Music Tips #13: Why using hacks to grow your social media can affect you »

Music Tips #9: Two mistakes to avoid when promoting your music

Hi creative soul! Promoting your music can be a long and sometimes boring, thing to do but necessary. And I want to help you do it the right way so you can get great results. That’s why this time I chose to talk about two common mistakes to avoid when you are reaching to people […]

Music Tips #8: Challenging yourself helps you grow your fanbase

Hello creative soul! In today’s video, I tell you why challenging yourself as an artist can be very beneficial for your career in the music industry. This industry is very competitive and evolves at a fast pace. And you surely want to have a long-term career in Music. For that, you need to challenge yourself; […]

Music Tips #6: Why improvement helps you be successful

Hi beautiful soul! I noticed that many artists tend to rest on their laurels and that’s a big mistake! Development is natural and a part of us as human beings and it also concerns your skills & natural gifts. For that, it is important to silence your ego and take action — even small ones, […]

Music Tips #5: Increase your merch sales

Hello creative soul! Do you know that visuals are as important as your music ? It includes your merch design. In fact, designing great quality merch will help you increase your sales and make more money. 😀