Protect your creativity from stressful situations

Hey, hi creative soul!

Thank you for being here, and reading this post. If you follow me for a while, you already know that I come from Brussels and that one of my biggest projects was to move to London, UK.

I finally did it. On Wednesday 27th March 2019, I took the Eurostar for London. Leaving my family, my friends, and a part of me behind.

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Tori Kelly: Inspired by true events

End of July, I have been invited to attend Tori Kelly’s intimate show at Islington assembly and her album playback the day after, in a private venue in Central London. I was mostly there to take photos and make videos of both events, and to film an interview of the artist. You can see the […]

Valentine’s playlist

Hello creative souls! Valentine’s day is around the corner — and we definitely cannot not knowing… Even tough I’m not fond of this very commercial day, I thought it would be a good opportunity to create a themed playlist. So I did!

6 steps to get radio airplay

Do you want to get your music played on the radio? I’m sure you do and you are right! Even if the music industry has evolved, radio remains powerful and is still one of the most effective way to reach the masses. As an independent artist, you can get your music played on the radio. […]