Virus Madness: my vision about this crisis

Hello creative soul! Thank you for being here, and I hope you are fine. As I write this, the world is somehow in a state of crisis. People are scared — and maybe you are?, because of the Covid-19 (coronavirus).

I felt like I should do something to help you face this unusual situation & also help you find other ways to get your music out there, whether you are at an early stage of your career or not.

In another post, I am soon going to share with you some ideas you can use to continue to create content, grow your audience and engage with it, and more, even during these odd times.

But first I have to share my vision regarding what is going on. Here it is:

There is no coincidence in life. If we are going through these events, it is for a purpose. We might not be able to see it yet, but we will soon. And I believe it has to do with the collective consciousness. 2020 marks a time of big changes. There is a massive energy shift happening and we are entering a new era.

The last decade has been intense at many levels. But now, something new is starting. And for the new to enter, we need to declutter, and get rid of the old and clear what needs to be released.

I believe that this is happening to allow the collective consciousness to be elevated to new levels and to find a new balance. It is time to get back to what is essential, to remember to live in the present moment, to remember that we are One and also, to slow down.

Way too many people are self-centered, and selfish. And are focused on their physical appearance, & on how others perceive them. Social media have emphasized these traits that, I believe, are not natural to us. These platforms are powerful tools that should be used for better things than serving our ego, making us feel miserable and isolating ourselves from others, don’t you think?

Our well-being — mental & physical, needs to be taken care of. Same for our loved one: it is necessary to find the right balance between resting, getting things done, getting into alignment and spending time with our loved ones. It is also important to stop being focused on the material world and embrace our spirituality & natural power as spiritual beings living a physical experience.

Life is made of cycles, which means it constantly changes. Very soon, all of this will belong to the past. And for this to happen faster, it is necessary for all to remain calm & optimistic.

Change is uncomfortable. Great things happen at the end of our comfort zone. Just calm your mind, listen to your heart. It’s guiding you.

What do you think of this crisis? How do you feel about what is going on? Let me know using the comment section below or send me a DM on Instagram (@iamyasminem).

I am sending you lots of love, light & healing energy. ✨💛


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