Personal growth & development: my story

A year ago, on 25th February 2016, I was in London living the last hours of a 7 months adventure. (I went there for a temporary job).

It took me almost a year of ups and downs to plan and live this experience. I left my home town on my own and used all my savings to live in a city I barely knew and where I knew nobody — I went to London several times before that but only for short stays. I was going out of my comfort zone and leaving my friends and family not just for a few days but months. All of that with the idea that I couldn’t come back.

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Not easy to be a creative

Recently, I had another reminder of how hard and tiring it can be to work as a creative sometimes… It inspired me to write this article. As you certainly know, I have a degree in Advertising for 8 years and work as a graphic designer, communication consultant & photographer for 9 years – I started […]

The first album I bought

I’d like to share with you the story about the first CD I bought. It was twenty years ago or so… Time flies! I was around 8 years old. As far as I remember, music channels were up-and-coming at the time. Mtv was at the pinnacle of the industry. YouTube didn’t exist! I may sound […]