8 tips for songwriters (beginners or not)

Hello creative soul! It took me a long time to give birth to this article but it’s finally here! YAY! lol Actually, I created the content weeks (not to say months) ago.

As you may know from my latest article, things have been quite hectic for me lately — that’s why I slowed down posting content here on Sweet Madness as well as on social media. However, I’m slowly but surely finding a new balance and I do my best to stick to it.

And with this article/podcast, you’ll learn 8 tips to help you with songwriting, whether you are new to songwriting or not. These tips are for both beginners and experienced songwriters, so enjoy!

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Here’s a brief summary of the 8 songwriting tips:

  1. Don’t lock yourself in a room to write songs: if you are used to lock yourself in a place to write songs, then just go outside like in a coffeeshop or in a park and see what happens.
  2. Practice: the more you practice, the more you’ll feel at ease and you’ll improve your songwriting skills.
  3. Be smart: make sure you always have something you can use to save any lyrics or melody that comes to your mind.
  4. Think outside the box: go out of your comfort zone and try new things with your music and lyrics.
  5. Two heads are better than one: team up with other artists to write music.
  6. Invest in yourself: invest both your time and (a bit of) your money to better yourself as a songwriter.
  7. Be yourself: instead of copying your favourite artists, find your own style.
  8. Ask for feedbacks and take a step back: ask your friends, family and fellow artists for their opinion and take your time to finish a song.

Which tips do you like the most? And do you have tips to share? What are they? Let me know in the comments below!!

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